Ways to Recall Messages in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a webmail service developed by Microsoft in 2012. It is available in 106 languages and has tasks, calendars, or contacts. Outlook has around 400 million subscribers and is mainly used for sending and receiving messages. Microsoft Outlook has a recall message feature that helps users delete an email in the recipient’s email inbox. Below are the steps on how to recall messages in Outlook.

  • Check if your mail or message is still in your Outbox. If you have just tap on the send button, it is likely to be in your Outbox. If the mail is still in your Outbox, you can shift your message into your Draft icon to delete it.
  • If your message or email has been sent, check out the mail in your Sent folder.
  • You can double-click on the mail if you wish to recall the mail and click Under Messages > Move > Actions Select > Recall this Message.
  • You can choose Delete unread mail, replace it with new mail or Delete unread mail of this message, and click OK.
  • If you want to replace the message, your real message will open to edit and resend the message. 

Method to setup Outlook to unsend email

If you are using the desktop version of Outlook, you can make a rule that delays sending all your emails and will give you another chance to change your mind. To unsend an email, you can move your Outbox to your Draft folder.

  • In the Outlook option, choose the Rules and Alerts dialog.
  • For Outlook 2007, go to Tools > Rules and Alerts.
  • For Outlook 2010, go to File > Manage Rules and Alerts.
  • Click New Rule.
  • Tap on the Apply Rule on messages I send.
  • Click Next
  • Select Next again and tap on the Yes button to accept the warning about the rule being applied to each mail you send.
  • Choose the action to defer delivery by a number of minutes.
  • Tap on a number of minutes and select a delay of 1 to 100 minutes.
  • Click Next.
  • You can select to add exceptions to delay delivery or click Next.
  • Name your Rule and check turn on this rule box is checked or not.
  • Tap on the Finish button.
  • Conclusion

You get to know how to recall a message in Microsoft Outlook, and it will also provide you to edit your message and resend it to the recipient. Recalling Microsoft Outlook’s message will help you shine in front of people rather than being embarrassed.

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